Thursday, 24 May 2012

On Being Censored

On Being Censored (On the perils of expressing what others fear)

Model: Kelseylinn Davis

In all seriousness, the distinction between nude art and pornography is not so difficult in most cases.  Likewise, healthy and unhealthy sexuality.  Supressing nude art models and artists only feeds fears and stigmas that are not necessary.  It precludes, complicates, and distorts the expression and understanding of an important part of our nature.  To those who object, and those who propogate or condone such censorship on behalf of instutions - maybe it says more about your relationship with your own body, or your own sexuality, than the moral character of people who pursue such art and expression.
/off soapbox

On Darkness

Model: Damianne

Saturday, 5 May 2012

On Legitimacy

Hello darkness my old friend...

"If you cannot love the pain you can at least love the lessons it teaches"
-Andrew Davidson

model (top photo): Danailya -